TSA 160 NT Electro-hydraulic swing door drive for single leaf doors up to 250 kg

  • Closing force with variable adjustment from EN3-6
  • Opening and closing speed can be individually adjusted
  • Hydraulic latching action which accelerates the door shortly before the closed position
  • Mechanical and electrical closing sequence control holds the active leaf in the waiting position until the passive leaf is closed
  • Vestibule function controls the opening and closing of two consecutive doors (interlocking door system)
  • Integrated back check, slows down doors that are thrown open forcefully
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  • Automatic reversing detects an obstacle and returns to the opening position
  • Push & Go function triggers the automatic drive components following light manual pressure on the door leaf
  • Drive can be used with roller guide rail or link arm
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Electro-hydraulic swing door drive for single leaf doors up to 250 kg

Application Areas

  • Right and left single leaf single-action doors
  • Single-action doors up to 1400 mm leaf width and 250 kg weight
  • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
  • Door leaf installation and transom installation

Product specifications

TSA 160 NT
Height 100 mm
Width 690 mm
Installation depth 121 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 1-leaf 250 kg
Hinge clearance (min.-max.) 2-leaf 1470 mm - 2800 mm



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