Complaints Procedure

GEZE has set up the following complaints procedure as part of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains (hereinafter: "Supply Chain Act"). Complaints within the meaning of the Supply Chain Act can be submitted at any time by e-mail and/or by telephone at +49 7152 203 0 during normal business hours.

This process allows potentially impacted persons to report possible human rights and environmental risks, violations, and or damage, also anonymously. This applies to all persons or groups of persons who may have been or could potentially be impacted by human rights and/or environmental violations within the supply chain or in their own business area, and/or who are aware of such violations.

To be able to examine your complaint as quickly as possible, please provide complete and specific information about the facts of the case. This will also help you to avoid any queries that could delay the process.

Once we have received your complaint, you will be notified as soon as possible. For details of the complaints procedure, please refer to the Complaints Procedure Rules.

Download Declaration of principles for the human rights strategy (PDF | 180 KB)

Download Rules of procedure (PDF | 93 KB)