Fitting system

F 1200

  • Concealed design
  • Achieves the full opening width of 180 mm on all leaf heights
  • Variable adjustment of the bottom opening width with operating error protection
  • Functional safety due to weight-independent crank handle activation with control display
  • Suitable for leaf weights up to 200 kg
  • Overload slide coupling necessary
  • Optional extendable hardware system in the form of horizontal and vertical central locking devices in accordance with the leaf size
  • Safe locking for almost any number of bolt points
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Application Areas

  • Comfortable and daily ventilation of rooms and staircases
  • Ventilation with variable adjustment - from gap ventilation to tilted end position
  • Side- / bottom-hung window
  • Can be installed on metal doors
  • Installation on wooden, plastic or metal windows
  • Leaf installation


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