FeuerTrutz 2023: GEZE presents solutions for fire protection and building automation

GEZE will be presenting its top solutions for fire protection and automation at the international specialist trade fair for preventative fire protection, the FeuerTrutz in Nuremberg, from 21 to 22 June at Stand 4-508 (Hall 4). The specialist for innovative door and window technology will be displaying highlights in the smoke warning and ventilation system areas, as well as innovations with a focus on digital controls. They not only ensure safety in buildings, but also help improve energy efficiency.

Product highlights for fire protection and accessibility

Increasingly, growing energy requirements for buildings must be harmonised with fire protection regulations and their complex requirements for technical building systems, as well as doors and windows. As in the accessibility area, there are synergies which can be utilised here as well. In addition to product highlights like fire protection solutions for sound-sensitive environments and narrow installation situations (such as the TS 5000 SoftClose with RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit and compact SHEV panels (MBZ 300 N8), GEZE will be presenting the new myGEZE Control networking solution at FeuerTrutz. Visitors can receive comprehensive advising on all GEZE products at Stand 4-508 (Hall 4).

Close doors safely and quietly: the new TS 5000 SoftClose

Detailed view of the TS 5000 SoftClose door closer

Slide rail door closer for single-leaf doors up to 1400 mm leaf width with end stop/brake function. © GEZE GmbH

The TS 5000 SoftClose door closer is an elegant solution for all installation situations in challenging environments, for example in wind or suction or changing pressure ratios in interlocking door systems and staircases. In such applications, it makes it easier to close heavy doors safely yet quietly. In combination with the RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit, it can be used to fulfill even the highest fire protection requirements in challenging installation situations – with excellent operating comfort in normal operation.

[Translate to English:] Detailansicht der Vernetzungslösung myGEZE control

[Translate to English:] Vernetzungslösung der nächsten Generation © GEZE GmbH

myGEZE Control: The next generation networking solution

With myGEZE Control, the company is presenting a new networking solution for automated door and window solutions. With the new, modular platform, GEZE is able to integrate door, window and safety technology into the many different areas of a building management system. The system uses the open BACnet standard to do so. Because of this, automated processes in the building and central monitoring make using the property more convenient and safer. In addition, overall building operations can be energy optimised. myGEZE Control can be integrated into building management systems, physical security information management and CAFM systems from any manufacturer.

RWA complete solution for staircases.

RWA complete solution for staircases. © GEZE GmbH

MBZ 300 N8 SHEV panel

GEZE will also be exhibiting proven fire protection solutions: The compact MBZ 300 N8 SHEV panel is particularly suitable for small and medium size buildings as well as staircases. In the event of a fire, the SHEV panel unit enables the flexible control of small smoke and heat extraction systems. The MBZ 300 N8 is characterised by quick installation and simple commissioning.

(Staircase control unit) Staircases emergency power control unit THZ smoke and heat extraction complete solution for 139151

Smoke and heat extraction system complete solution for staircases THZ, THZ N4, THZ LINK © GEZE GmbH

Safety in staircases

The THZ N4 staircase control panel also ensures safety wherever only smoke extraction is needed under building regulation, e.g. in staircases, while also fulfilling high smoke and heat extraction system stipulations. Thanks to their small dimensions, the optimised THZ N4 and THZ Comfort N4 fit inconspicuously into narrow staircases. The integrated ventilation functions ensure optimal air circulation. The 4.5 amp output current is sufficient to operate up to 4 window drives, such as the GEZE Slimchain chain drive.

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