Case studies

Tailor-made RWA solutions in historic architecture

The Palace Church of all Saints in Wittenberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an impressive example of neo-classical architecture and a magnet for visitors. GEZE also fitted high-quality door systems as part of a customised RWA solution in the listed Palace Church of all Saints.

Preventive fire protection for the historic Palace Church of all Saints

Ever since the monk Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses here, the Palace Church of all Saints (Lutherkirche) in Wittenberg has symbolised the beginning of the Reformation. To allow thousands of visitors continued access to this cultural landmark, preservation of the listed building had to be reconciled with modern security and preventive fire protection demands. GEZE supplied state-of-the-art door and safety technology for this purpose.

State-of-the-art RWA components safeguard escape routes.

Outdoor shot of the roof exit door from the tower

Emergency exit and RWA components: the roof exit door of the Palace Church of all Saints. © MM Fotowerbung / GEZE GmbH

The Palace Church of all Saints is an example of how smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) can be installed harmoniously in historic buildings in combination with modern lock and door technology. For example, as part of the renovation, the tower stairwell had to be adapted to meet certain structural fire protection and safety requirements. In the event of a fire, it is vital that the stairwell remains free of smoke, allowing escape and rescue routes to be used safely. At the same time, the door must be locked in accordance with insurance guidelines, and any misuse reported to the burglar alarm system. GEZE has fulfilled these complex demands with a combined system of RWA components, state-of-the-art locking technology and door systems.

Escape route door and ventilation area in one

Close-up of door leaf with IQ lock anti-panic lock

GEZE IQ lock anti-panic lock on the roof exit door of the Palace Church of all Saints. © MM Fotowerbung für GEZE GmbH

Natural smoke and heat extraction occurs only if there is sufficient space for the ventilation of exhaust air and air intake. The areas for air intake can be found in the lower part of the Palace Church of all Saints. Air flows through them so that in the event of a fire, smoke gas will rise with the heat and be extracted via the exhaust areas in the upper part of the building. The door to the roof exit of the windowless tower acts as an RWA opening. It opens outwards in the event of a fire, thereby also acting as an additional escape route door. The door system closes via a self-locking anti-panic lock which can be manually opened from within at any time in the event of danger, thereby meeting the demands of an emergency exit.

Combined RWA and escape route system for the Palace Church of all Saints

In the event of a fire, the fire alarm is triggered manually or via the smoke detector. At the same time, the RWA central control unit automatically controls the fresh and exhaust air openings in the building. The anti-panic lock unlocks the tower door in less than a second when the alarm goes, enabling the door system to be opened manually. At the same time, an automatic report is delivered to the burglar alarm system to indicate that the door is open. The combination of an RWA central control unit with the IQ lock anti-panic lock and the inverse mounted GEZE TS 5000 door closer fulfils the complex demands of this historic building, ensuring speedy smoke and heat extraction and reliable escape routes.

GEZE products in the Palace Church of all Saints