Radar movement detector

GC 302 Radar movement detectors for activating automatic doors

  • Convenient commissioning with pre-programmed settings
  • Configuration possible via push buttons or remote control
  • Clearly defined radar field (narrow or wide field) with reliable detection
  • Integrated motion tracking also records slow movements
  • Movement direction detection and cross-traffic fade-out reduces energy consumption in the building
  • Door opening impulse only triggered if needed
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Radar movement detectors for activating automatic doors

Application Areas

  • Activation of automatic swing, sliding, folding, revolving and curved sliding doors
  • Interior and exterior doors

Product specifications

GC 302
Technology Electromagnetic radar waves
CE tested Yes
Transmission frequency 24.125 GHz
Operating voltage 12-36 V DC / 12-28 V AC
Operating current approx. 50 mA at 24 V DC
Output GC 302 R: potential-free relay output, 48 V AC/DC, 0.5 A AC/1 A DC, 60 VA/30 W, output current available: no detection/no fault, output current < 3 V DC or no current: detection or fault
Connection type Plug-in screw terminal
Height 62 mm
Width 176 mm
Installation depth 52 mm
Installation height (max.) 4000 mm
Length of power supply cable 5000 mm
Weight 150 g
IP rating IP54
Temperature range -20 °C - 60 °C
Humidity 0-90 % relative, non-condensing
Approvals DIN 18650, EN 16005


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