BAU 2017: Trade fair presentation

GEZE will be presenting complete door and window systems as ‘smart solutions’ to improve the comfort, security and energy efficiency of our work and home environments. The highlights of the trade fair presentation include an innovative building automation system for ‘smart’ technology and new interface modules to integrate GEZE system components into the building network. GEZE uses BACnet and KNX – the globally renowned communication standards – in its home and building system technology.

Professional solutions: smart, secure and efficient

The GEZE Cockpit building automation system will be showcased for the first time. With this innovative control unit, automated system components from the fields of door, window and safety technology from GEZE and other manufacturers can be networked, monitored centrally and controlled – even via smartphone or tablet. The IO 420 interface module allows GEZE products to be integrated into network solutions with BACnet, and be networked with each other via BACnet MS/TP.

A unique complete solution is a multifunctional, centrally controlled swing door system with an automated and a manual door leaf. With the ‘‘powerful’, award-winning Powerturn drive and tried-and-trusted GEZE door closer technology, the door system combines accessible door control, emergency exit protection, fire protection, increased burglar resistance, complete protection when passing the door and remote operation and monitoring. The universal drive design across both door leaves is a visual highlight.

Automated, networked windows create façades that adapt to the climate. For controlled, natural ventilation, GEZE will be presenting façade windows with window drives from the IQ windowdrive series. The IQ box KNX interface module enables windows to be connected as direct bus participants in a KNX building system, and be monitored and managed ‘smartly’.

Living Solutions: smart homes

The GEZE front door pack makes small buildings and family homes and apartments ‘smart’. The modular plug & play complete system turns a simple front door into an automated access solution that can be integrated into an existing Smart Home system, fully in accordance with the particular requirements.

The GEZE ActiveStop door damper integrated into the door provides greater convenience and a completely new ‘door experience’. GEZE will also be presenting an additional variant that can be fitted on the door frame as an optimal retrofit option.

Service Solutions: GEZE BIM objects

GEZE focuses on providing integrated building technology to projects, and supports architects, planners and installation engineers at every stage. At GEZE, we cannot imagine working without Building Information Modeling (BIM) – a method for the optimised planning and design of buildings in a virtual building model. GEZE BIM objects are unique and highly efficient solutions for the uniform and comprehensive layout of doors in all service phases. For the first time, architects, planners and specialists can design doors together. Visit our stand to discover for yourself how you can simply and securely design customised door solutions using just five multifunctional doors.