Das GEZE Haus

Erleben Sie unsere Produktwelt in unserem animierten GEZE Haus!
Erleben Sie unsere Produktwelt in unserem animierten GEZE Haus!


Opening the Doors to Innovation

GEZE  - well-known for its door closers and automatic door systems - adds elegance to superb functionality and combines architectural beauty with efficiency and reliability. Constantly seeking to refine and improve, to break new ground and to offer customers only the very best products and service - this is the philosophy behind GEZE - a team dedicated to providing the ultimate in door, window and safety technology.

GEZE technology meets the highest standards of function and design. The flexibility of all the systems allows individual solutions which incorporate building management requirements.

GEZE invests millions in research, development and new technology, making them the pioneers in the field of building technology.

GEZE has been recognised as a company that produces quality products without compromise and was awarded the well sought after certification, DIN ISO 9001, which marks out the company's quality assurance and quality management.

Today GEZE is a world leader in the field of manual and automatic door and window control systems, plus smoke and heat ventilation systems (RWA) and safety technology.

GEZE also specialises in glass products – in particular, the innovative frameless glass system IGG, which can be combined with GEZE manual or automatic door systems. Also available is a complete range of patch fittings for toughened glass doors and assemblies.

GEZE also has an international network of distributors, which means that there is always a GEZE partner near you. Our extensive product range backed up by comprehensive project experience and technical support means that we are the perfect partner for any construction project.