E-ISM guide rail Boxer With closing sequence control, electrical hold-open device on both leaves and levers 

  • Electric hold-open device in the guide rail with hold-open area of 80°-130°
  • Retention force of the electromechanical hold-open device can be variably adjusted
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC
  • Closing sequence control holds the active leaf in the waiting position until the passive leaf is closed
  • Vandalism protection through flexible Bowden cable
  • Flexible repositioning of the Bowden cable release mechanism in the frame, e.g. with passive leaf lockings
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  • With screwed sliding block
  • Minimal installation effort due to low number of individual parts and quick setting
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With closing sequence control, electrical hold-open device on both leaves and levers 

Application Areas

  • Double leaf doors with closing sequence control
  • Hold-open systems with integrated hold-open device
  • Integrated installation
  • Right and left single-action doors
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical door division possible
  • Minimum hinge clearance 1300 mm, minimum width of passive leaf 540 mm

Product specifications

E-ISM guide rail Boxer
Supply voltage 24 V DC
IP rating IP43
Approvals Hold-open device tested in accordance with EN 1155, Door closing sequence selector tested in accordance with EN 1158
Minimum hinge clearance 1300 mm
Minimum passive leaf width 540 mm
Width 31 mm
Height 30 mm
Integrated opening restrictor 0 0
Integrated hold-open device Electrical
Hold-open device can be switched on and off Yes
Hold-open device can be overridden Yes
Integrated closing sequence control Yes
Hold-open device on the active leaf / passive leaf 0 0


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