GEZE Powerturn IS/TS

Powerturn IS/TS passive leaf Passive leaf unit for the Powerturn IS/TS programme

  • Adjustable closing force of EN3-7 with variable adjustment
  • With TS 4000 for transom installation on opposite hinge side, closing force EN1-6 with back check, without link arm 
  • With TS 5000 for transom installation on hinge side, closing force EN4-6 with back check, without roller guide rail 
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Passive leaf unit for the Powerturn IS/TS programme

Application Areas

  • Single-action doors up to 3200 mm hinge clearance with link arm installation
  • Single-action doors up to 3000 mm hinge clearance with roller guide rail installation
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical door division possible

Product specifications

Powerturn IS/TS passive leaf


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