The Penalty Shootout Cup : Football brings people together - at GEZE too

People love football - everywhere in the world. It brings people together at GEZE too, and strengthens bond between colleagues. The Penalty Shootout Cup is organised by the employees themselves and took place for the 2nd time this year in blazing sunshine.

Anyone can take part

We may have over 1,100 employees at our Leonberg site, but people don’t remain anonymous. To keep it that way in the future, employees take matters into their own hands. Corporate management is always willing to support such initiatives. During the Penalty Shootout Cup, all colleagues from the different divisions met up along with their families. This enabled families to get to know each other and everyone, from young to old, had a lot of fun.

Football bonds colleagues

The winning team of the 2018 GEZE Penalty Cup  Photo: GEZE GmbH

The winning team of the 2018 GEZE Penalty Cup

The indoor football team within the company sports club had an idea about football’s ability of to bring different people together. Why can’t everyone at GEZE have the opportunity to do something together through football and communicate with each other as a result? It was quickly agreed that a football-themed event would be organised. The organisers considered it to be of the utmost importance that anyone could take part, whether sporty or less so, whether an experienced player or new to the game. The result was the creation of the Penalty Shootout Cup.

Following the great success of the first edition, it is now taking place for the 2nd time. Over 150 players and 19 teams took part at TSV Eltingen’s ground in Leonberg. Past the post, over the top, coolly slotted home, give them the eyes, or slam it down the middle. It’s always a nerve-wracking experience from 11 metres. But wasn’t intended to be competitive - just taking part was all that mattered. 

Party atmosphere on the football pitch

The atmosphere is great! Photo: GEZE GmbH

The atmosphere is great!

What’s a tournament without the right atmosphere? A DJ led the programme and played music. Hearty food and drink were provided along with fun for the little ones including bouncy castles and face painting. The event was met with enthusiasm. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Organisation by employees

As you’d expect, such an event requires quite a bit of organisation. All employees joined in, even outside working hours. From provisions by the DRK, donation receipts for supporting charities, space rental, seating options, and catering - there’s a lot to cover. This would not have been possible without helpful employees and financial support from Mrs Vöster-Alber.

Bonding between all employees and good integration of all newcomers strengthens our team spirit. For our common goals. That’s why I also like being involved outside of work.

Andreas Demeter, organiser of the Penalty Shootout Cup and sales team leader