Award-winning: GEZE receives ‘resources SAVED’ certificate 2019 for sustainability

For us, thinking of the future means acting sustainability – right now. This is not only reflected in our production processes and products: in terms of disposal, we follow the strategy of ‘reduce-reuse-remove’. In practice, this means: minimising waste, aiming for maximum reuse ratios, and recycling. These efforts have paid off: we also received the ‘resources SAVED’ certificate for 2019 – and saved resources and avoided greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our successful environmental balance for 2019: 1648 tonnes of resources and 225 tonnes of greenhouse gases saved

Certified: We save by recycling.

Certified: We save by recycling.

Since 2013, we have been participating in a dual system via our disposal service provider Interseroh. We have calculated that 1648 tonnes of resources and an additional 225 tonnes of greenhouse gases were saved in 2019 alone by recycling our materials. Our collaboration with Interseroh has also made an important contribution to the overall savings of the ALBA Group, of around 31.9 million tonnes of primary resources and, at the same time, almost 4.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. 

Sustainable trade – sustainable construction with GEZE

Did you know that our customers can also contribute to the sustainability of buildings with the help of our products? Find out here how door, window and safety technology by GEZE in the construction of green buildings can make them more liveable – and more sustainable.

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