GEZE trainee programme is fair and has good career prospects

Top marks for encouraging young employees: The GEZE trainee programme has again been awarded the 'Fair Trainee Programme 2019' label. The initiative for trainee programmes, founded by graduates, for the 7th time recognised employers who offer fair trainee programmes with good career prospects.

The survey is the result of an online questionnaire completed by the HR department and by the trainees themselves. Some 1,300 trainees from 94 companies were surveyed, including five trainees from GEZE. The trainee award required participants to meet defined quality standards, including in the areas of sustainability, mentoring, training and remuneration as well as evaluation of the programme.

GEZE scored above-average

Compared with the median result, the GEZE trainee programme was rated exceptionally positively. The programme scored well above the average in the areas of training, sustainability, remuneration and evaluation; it was on a par in terms of mentoring. In particular, the trainees surveyed valued the attractive assignments and high degree of responsibility very highly.

Our employees, with their commitment, expertise and passion, have always been the driving force behind our success. Our organisation also offers no end of exciting assignments. Because GEZE is a family-run SME, but at the same time is recognised as a global payer. To ensure our continued growth and success, we need people who are passionate about playing a part in our future success.

Brigitte Vöster-Alber, Chief Executive Officer of GEZE GmbH

GEZE offers the following trainee programmes:

  • Engineering trainee
  • Business trainee
  • IT trainee
  • Sales trainee
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